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Winter Sports Recap

Saturday, March 30, 2019

This winter featured four slam-dunk seasons, player development, an exciting OT win, post-season runs, technical and tactical skill building, and a great fan base from our Burgundy community. Special thanks to our basketball families for their continued support! A huge shout-out to the maintenance team for their help preparing the gym for game-time! The program would not be possible without the leadership, time, and effort from our coaches — thanks to Prince, EJ, Matt, Andy & Jon for building Burgundy Basketball on all cylinders.  

JV Boys Basketball

The JV basketball team formed a powerful force that took on a series of opponents that were often far more experienced, yet we prevailed and played to a combined 4-3 record. The team was a mixture of eager 5th and 6th graders, some total beginners and others who had some degree of experience, but they formed a determined "single clenched fist of togetherness" to take on and beat both Brown and Alexandria Country Day, not that we are keeping track. It would be more accurate to say two clenched fists and ten scrunched toes, because our squad sometimes consisted of twenty players. All the players without exception deserve to be proud of both their development of skills and their growth in sportsmanship and teamwork. We are also very thankful for the very meaningful contributions of coach Andy before he left to serve his country. The players had fun and developed foundational basketball skills that will serve them well next year. It was an honor to work with your children.

Coach Jon

(JV Boys Head Coach)

JV Girls Basketball

The Girls JV Basketball Team included both 6th and 5th grade. With 19 girls, the team did an awesome job competing and practicing in a large setting. Our ballers had an opportunity to play with their grade teammates only. Two games were played just by the 5th graders only, two 6th graders only, and three whole team games.The girls brought great competitiveness and sportsmanship to each game. The team showed much improvement by the end of the season as their ball handling, ball passing abilities, and scoring enhanced. We focused on teaching the fundamentals of basketball such as team work, unselfishness, and composure. It was an exciting and rewarding season and we look forward to next year!

-Coach Prince

(JV Girls Head Coach)

Girls Varsity Basketball

The Girls Varsity Basketball finished the season in the top tier of league play and demonstrated a true understanding of our tactical systems, teamwork, and technical skills necessary for team success. One of our themes throughout the season was our defensive system of play and we took ownership and pride in pressuring the ball, disrupting our opponents, and battling on the boards. As a team we referenced two things in life that are always in our control — our attitude and how hard we work — and related that to the defensive game of basketball. As a result of outstanding defensive effort the Varsity Girls team advanced to the final four of tournament play facing the reigning Champs of Browne Academy. The scoreboard showed Browne Academy who repeated as league champions on the winning side but we believed it was a moral victory for our squad who gave extended effort on every play, team cohesion was connecting on all cylinders, and Burgundy pride was a powerful force. This season every player made an impact in games and training sessions by developing their technical skills, embracing their role(s) on the team and making the most of their opportunity on the floor. Shout-out to our 8th graders – Anjani and Helena who were newcomers but jumped right into active “D” and the leadership and dedication Maddie P. & Caelan brought to gym and program over the last three years. Thanks to Coach EJ for assisting our squad and we applaud our team for their excellent energy and efforts as witnessed tremendous growth over the seven game season.

-Coach Bethany

(Varsity Girls Head Coach)

Boys Varsity Basketball

The Burgundy Blazers had an extremely successful season. Led by Coach EJ (Emily Jonas '03) with assistance from Matt Sahlin, the Boys Varsity Basketball team grew tremendously over the course of this basketball season. They began with individual skills that developed with time and ultimately the cohesion of each skilled player merged together to create a phenomenal team. Fundamentals such as shooting, passing, and defense were essential for our season and each Blazer learned how to bring their skills to the forefront and benefit each game. They not only deepened their understanding of basketball, but also learned a number of different defense systems, offensive plays, and created a strong press defense which led to a number of turnovers and points during vital games. A major strength of this Blazer team is the element of quick decision making and ball movement as a unit. Day one, we did not have that in motion. The final game, it was clear that this team learned how to move the ball, get into the lane and inside, and play as a Blazer team. With their return to the Championship, the Blazers played their hearts out in a thrilling match vs. ACDS. With a strong defensive practice of a 1-3-1 zone defense, the Blazers were able to stop the shooting range of their opponent. Their passion and power led to one of the most epic games in Blazer history. That is what Coach EJ is most proud of. They left it all out on the court and made their school, coaches, and community proud. We took 2nd place in this tough season closer, and the 8th graders have “passed the torch” to the next generation of Blazers. Thank you players, families, coaches, and Burgundy for a fun, dedicated, and overall phenomenal season!

-Emily (EJ) Jonas '03

(Boys Varsity Head Coach)