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"We are Proud To Support the Burgundy Auction"

Friday, February 16, 2018

Auction badge logoWe both love giving admission tours and sharing the magic and wonder of Burgundy with prospective families as we walk them through our beautiful campus and introduce them to our faculty. We get to see their faces light up when the teachers talk about building communities in their classrooms and how they view themselves as partners in our children’s academic and social-emotional growth. We get to delight them with stories of how our children use every inch of the expansive Alexandria campus to learn and practice collaboration and problem solving by designing block towers, fort villages, and theater productions. We get to show them the diverse and artistic school projects and the new Logan Arts & Community Center that exemplify Burgundy’s focus on creativity and personal exploration. We get to introduce them to middle school students who demonstrate that they can think critically about complex concepts and articulate ideas clearly.

We could go on and on about Burgundy and frankly never have enough time on those tours to share it all. Our visitors leave with a sense of awe and hope that there is still a place where children are inspired and encouraged to be themselves and thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. As parent tour guides, it’s always a “pinch me” moment that we get to send our children to this amazing school that is equipping them with the critical 21st century skills they will need to be successful in a rapidly changing world. We are honored to chair this year’s Auction because we want promising children to share in the Burgundy experience regardless of a family’s ability to pay full tuition.

We are proud to support the Burgundy Auction with our time, focus, and financial support because we believe financial aid critically strengthens the school. With the Auction, we have a wonderful opportunity to affirm our commitment to sustaining a robust and inclusive learning experience for our children. One in four children at Burgundy benefits from financial aid. Funds raised through the Auction directly support financial aid and make an incredible difference in the lives of the children who receive the support as well as our broader community.

Please consider volunteering for the Auction—more help is needed Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning!—and plan on joining us on Saturday, March 3 to celebrate the wonder of Burgundy and our community. Together, we can ensure Burgundy and the next generation of Burgundy leaders continue to soar into the future!