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Spring Sports Success at Burgundy!

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Blazers sprung into action with three solid sports programs; a girls lacrosse team making HERstory, stellar stick skills by our boys team and tennis rallies galore! Special thanks to our maintenance team for helping to prepare the field for games and training sessions, and to Geraldine for assisting us with athletic transportation and emergency preparedness. Shout-out to our Burgundy community and coaches for providing our student-athletes with awesome opportunities to learn much more than the game!  

Boys Lacrosse

The 2019 Burgundy boys lacrosse team enjoyed a fun and successful season, ending with 4 consecutive victories to finish 4-2. 

With only two 8th graders, defenseman Mikiyas and middie Charlie, the bulk of the team was 6th and 7th graders, many of them first or second year lacrosse players. New 7th grader Oliver, who found himself playing in the goal, an arrangement we hoped might be temporary, deserves special mention, and he became an outstanding goalie. 7th grader Chazz, like Mikiyas, was an exceptional first year defenseman and also made many speedy clears into the offensive end. 7th grade veterans Nicholas, Graham, and Darius were very strong on midfield and attack, Jackson and sixth grader Sam played well on defense, Dante, another 7th grader, played some attack, and new 6th grader Gabe was a star on offense (attack and midfield). Other sixth graders also played key roles: Cade started most games on attack and was a tough, aggressive player. Kevin also made a lot of contributions on offense, as did Brandon playing in the midfield. Emil and Benjamin saw a good amount of action at attack, and Alex, who was available for only a portion of the season, showed promise as a midfielder, and we have our eye on him as a future potential goalie as well. 

Coach Jared was a great coach in his first year coaching lacrosse. Parents as always were very supportive, and we're so grateful. The team had impressive wins versus Trinity and Congressional after tough losses to Sidwell and St. Ignatius and enjoyed mixed-team quasi-scrimmages with Edlin and Barnesville when it was clear they could not field a competitive team against us. Most important we improved a lot, individually as well as collectively in basic skills and in team strategy and had lots of fun over our short season.

Coach Jeff

Girls Lacrosse

Our Girls Lacrosse team made history with their inaugural spring season. This was the first time the girls were able to stick together and with a strong team nucleus the future is bright for girls lax!

Our team roster was comprised of eighteen 7th and 6th graders who demonstrated passion and pride from day one. Our players were committed from the season start on March 26 and developed stick skills, team cohesion and a deeper understanding of the game. We are so proud of how invested they were to building the foundation for our new program and their receptivity to learning a new sport! The practice attendance rate was almost 90% throughout the entire season. With the help of Elizabeth Nibley, a former collegiate women’s lacrosse player and Emily Jonas, sports extraordinaire, we taught the proper fundamentals, including cradling, passing, checking and transitioned into dynamic tactical play.  

We made our historical season debut with a road trip to Bethesda where we faced an experienced Holton-Arms squad. After a taste, our players were hungry for more game play! We traveled to Falls Church to face another non-league opponent in Congressional for what was an epic game! History happened again as we found the back of the net – scoring not one, not two, but three goals! Our season wrapped up with a unique atmosphere as we teamed up against Barnesville and did a combined scrimmage and our players had a chance to represent on their home field!

We are excited to expand the program next season with more games, and training sessions and want to thank our families, community and most importantly our players for making this program stick for good! Girls lacrosse is here to stay! #sticksup

Coach Bethany

Coed Tennis

The Burgundy Coed Tennis team made tons of “racket” in year two! The 2019 spring tennis roster was comprised of twenty-eight passionate student-athletes who played with pride every Thursday on the court. The tennis Blazers opened their season with a friendly match against ABC league opponent Green Hedges. We tried a few different match formats this year: timed matches, first to four and playing a total of four games (only continuing if tied 2-2). The matches gave players a glimpse of what a high school match feels like and a chance to serve/receive, practice proper etiquette and implement doubles tactics.

Our season featured eight training sessions, three team matches, excellent volleys, and fierce footwork. Our program philosophy focused on developing the fundamentals of the game, improving our service game and establishing solid communication on the court. The season finale featured a marquee match-up with Edlin. On a four-court venue we played some grueling doubles and singles matches and took home the match victory. Our tennis Blazers demonstrated outstanding play by extending rallies and leaving their efforts and hearts out on the court.

Special thanks to Coach Paige for assisting our squad in back-to-back seasons! Shout-out to our players—nothing faulty about their LOVE of the game! Thanks for rallying together to keep a lifetime sport on the court! #racketrules  

Coach Bethany

Winter Sports Recap

Saturday, March 30, 2019

This winter featured four slam-dunk seasons, player development, an exciting OT win, post-season runs, technical and tactical skill building, and a great fan base from our Burgundy community. Special thanks to our basketball families for their continued support! A huge shout-out to the maintenance team for their help preparing the gym for game-time! The program would not be possible without the leadership, time, and effort from our coaches — thanks to Prince, EJ, Matt, Andy & Jon for building Burgundy Basketball on all cylinders.  

JV Boys Basketball

The JV basketball team formed a powerful force that took on a series of opponents that were often far more experienced, yet we prevailed and played to a combined 4-3 record. The team was a mixture of eager 5th and 6th graders, some total beginners and others who had some degree of experience, but they formed a determined "single clenched fist of togetherness" to take on and beat both Brown and Alexandria Country Day, not that we are keeping track. It would be more accurate to say two clenched fists and ten scrunched toes, because our squad sometimes consisted of twenty players. All the players without exception deserve to be proud of both their development of skills and their growth in sportsmanship and teamwork. We are also very thankful for the very meaningful contributions of coach Andy before he left to serve his country. The players had fun and developed foundational basketball skills that will serve them well next year. It was an honor to work with your children.

Coach Jon

(JV Boys Head Coach)

JV Girls Basketball

The Girls JV Basketball Team included both 6th and 5th grade. With 19 girls, the team did an awesome job competing and practicing in a large setting. Our ballers had an opportunity to play with their grade teammates only. Two games were played just by the 5th graders only, two 6th graders only, and three whole team games.The girls brought great competitiveness and sportsmanship to each game. The team showed much improvement by the end of the season as their ball handling, ball passing abilities, and scoring enhanced. We focused on teaching the fundamentals of basketball such as team work, unselfishness, and composure. It was an exciting and rewarding season and we look forward to next year!

-Coach Prince

(JV Girls Head Coach)

Girls Varsity Basketball

The Girls Varsity Basketball finished the season in the top tier of league play and demonstrated a true understanding of our tactical systems, teamwork, and technical skills necessary for team success. One of our themes throughout the season was our defensive system of play and we took ownership and pride in pressuring the ball, disrupting our opponents, and battling on the boards. As a team we referenced two things in life that are always in our control — our attitude and how hard we work — and related that to the defensive game of basketball. As a result of outstanding defensive effort the Varsity Girls team advanced to the final four of tournament play facing the reigning Champs of Browne Academy. The scoreboard showed Browne Academy who repeated as league champions on the winning side but we believed it was a moral victory for our squad who gave extended effort on every play, team cohesion was connecting on all cylinders, and Burgundy pride was a powerful force. This season every player made an impact in games and training sessions by developing their technical skills, embracing their role(s) on the team and making the most of their opportunity on the floor. Shout-out to our 8th graders – Anjani and Helena who were newcomers but jumped right into active “D” and the leadership and dedication Maddie P. & Caelan brought to gym and program over the last three years. Thanks to Coach EJ for assisting our squad and we applaud our team for their excellent energy and efforts as witnessed tremendous growth over the seven game season.

-Coach Bethany

(Varsity Girls Head Coach)

Boys Varsity Basketball

The Burgundy Blazers had an extremely successful season. Led by Coach EJ (Emily Jonas '03) with assistance from Matt Sahlin, the Boys Varsity Basketball team grew tremendously over the course of this basketball season. They began with individual skills that developed with time and ultimately the cohesion of each skilled player merged together to create a phenomenal team. Fundamentals such as shooting, passing, and defense were essential for our season and each Blazer learned how to bring their skills to the forefront and benefit each game. They not only deepened their understanding of basketball, but also learned a number of different defense systems, offensive plays, and created a strong press defense which led to a number of turnovers and points during vital games. A major strength of this Blazer team is the element of quick decision making and ball movement as a unit. Day one, we did not have that in motion. The final game, it was clear that this team learned how to move the ball, get into the lane and inside, and play as a Blazer team. With their return to the Championship, the Blazers played their hearts out in a thrilling match vs. ACDS. With a strong defensive practice of a 1-3-1 zone defense, the Blazers were able to stop the shooting range of their opponent. Their passion and power led to one of the most epic games in Blazer history. That is what Coach EJ is most proud of. They left it all out on the court and made their school, coaches, and community proud. We took 2nd place in this tough season closer, and the 8th graders have “passed the torch” to the next generation of Blazers. Thank you players, families, coaches, and Burgundy for a fun, dedicated, and overall phenomenal season!

-Emily (EJ) Jonas '03

(Boys Varsity Head Coach)

Spring 2018 Sports Report

Friday, May 25, 2018

Tennis team


The tennis team made Burgundy history with their inaugural spring season! This was the first time the Burgundy Blazers made “racket” on the tennis courts, competing in four matches. The coed tennis team consisted of 32 student-athletes who embraced the fundamentals, footwork, and formations that led to success on the doubles court. The matches were abbreviated which means we played about a third or half of a high school match (first to 3 win by 2, etc.). We had a cohesive team with varying ranges of skill level and experience but one common thread—they were all excited to train every Thursday and compete on match days!

At the first match, we faced Edlin in Reston and we walked away with three doubles team victories and one match that ended in a draw (6-6) due to time constraints. In Vienna we faced Green Hedges and came away with three doubles team wins! Our heads were moving back and forth in anticipation as we watched many long rallies!

Congrats to our players for accepting the challenge on the court and their commitment allowed us to bring a lifetime sport to Burgundy! Special thanks to Ivana and Paige for assisting the program! And additional thanks to everyone at Burgundy for help along the way, including our maintenance team who provided us with water for bus trips and administration supporting our efforts too. A shout-out to our tennis parents for their support as a great fan base! We “loved” hearing from everyone and look forward to continuing with a solid group of rising 7th and 8th graders and new incoming 6th graders next year!

—Coach Bethany McCoy

Lacrosse team


Burgundy boys lacrosse 2018 enjoyed a very successful and fun season!

The team was comprised of 20 middle school student-athletes, one of our largest ever squads. We had a good group of 8th grade leaders, Nathan C., Jacob P., Nathaniel C., Marty W., Dylan S., Alex M., Sante C., Arturo S., and Andy N., and the team had strong leadership and experience, particularly on the defensive end.

As for the contests, the team traveled to Baltimore for its opener, minus 2/3 of our starting attack, and suffered a 7-4 setback on a scorching hot afternoon. Marty was a star in goal, and Nathan helped keep us in the game against a very good Crimson Knights squad. The following week we won at home in a great game versus Trinity. And the team followed up with three consecutive shutout wins, a real rarity in lacrosse, versus Congressional, Barnesville, and Edlin, to finish 4-1.

Attackman Alex, defenders Jacob and Dylan, and goalie Marty, along with midfielder Nathan, were given special recognition for their excellent play and leadership. A very promising 6th grade group along with the 7th graders have us looking forward to the 2019 season!

Great job, team! Special thanks to our parents for their support and to Coach Bethany for all of her direct support and help!

—Coaches Jamie Dorrier and Jeff Sindler

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Pursuing Peace and Justice with Professional Development

Friday, April 6, 2018

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice."

—Martin Luther King, Jr., after being accused of disturbing the peace during the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama


On the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, race remains a difficult topic. Racial justice, equality, and equity are still in question, and roiling identity politics fuel old divisions. Even if our hearts feel pure, the demons of bias on personal and societal levels persist.

At Burgundy, in keeping with our strategic plan, and in response to what we hear, see, and feel happening all around us in the world, we are increasing our attention to the divisions, inequities and the ‘blind spots’ that can contribute to less-than-equitable experiences at Burgundy. We must pay extra attention to things said or done or even omitted that might hurt or exclude or silence those around us. This is hard work, and work we sometimes wish we did not have to do. But because we know it is important to improving the learning environment here (for all students) and shaping a happier, more peaceful world, we are committed to working at it with growing intention. Thus far, at both the trustee and employee levels, we are engaged in training to expose blind spots.

Faculty and staff this school year have been learning about implicit and unconscious bias. We’ve become familiar with the experience of Frank Somerville, which illustrates the concept.  Early this winter, trustees worked with Rodney Glasgow, an independent school administrator, diversity expert, and trainer. Next week, on our professional half-day at the CAPS conference, faculty and staff will work with teachers and staff from area progressive schools, along with TED Talk persona and trainer-educator Dena Simmons, a woman of color from a tough neighborhood and decidedly un-privileged upbringing in Brooklyn, NY who was able to gain a scholarship to boarding school and ultimately found her way to the Ivy League. She later became an educator and speaks poignantly of the burden she carries, of feeling like an imposter because of her race and background.

Overcoming biases requires courage and vulnerability from the more dominant or empowered individual or group who usually benefit from unearned privilege, power, or status. These individuals—including me—have to be willing at times to put their own perspectives and needs aside in order to make room for someone else’s. This is a sacrifice. But finding common ground is always about sacrifice and giving. Hence, with our faculty and staff we are just at the beginning stages of opening ourselves to what we might be willing, each of us, to do and to give to make our community stronger and more just. We have inspiration from Dr. King and so many others.

P.S.: Speaking of hard work—and the amazing products that come from it—if you’ve not seen the April issue of National Geographic, you’ve really missed out! It focuses on the concepts of race and is fascinating, one of the great contributions (of many) of this incredible periodical.

Hope to see you at the Arts Festival next week!

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Winter 2018 Sports Report: Basketball

Friday, March 30, 2018

Girls Varsity

This was a tremendous season of growth for the girls varsity basketball team. Many of our players were new to basketball and from the beginning were dedicated to building their fundamentals. We are proud of the way our players were able to improve their individual technical skills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing but also improved collectively as a team. They deepened their understanding of the game and honed their defensive skills.

During the final third of our season the effort and execution on defense paved the way for the team to climb from 6th to 4th place in three games. In the quarterfinals the Blazers beat Edlin with a gritty performance to advance to the semifinals. During the semifinal game against the # 1 seed Browne Academy the girls came back from a 15-point deficit to come within six points during the last four minutes of regulation play. We walked away with remembering a life lesson: Never EVER give up! Thank you players and parents for a great season!

- Coach Bethany McCoy

Boys Varsity

The Blazers had an eventful and successful season. Led by Coach EJ with assistance from alumnus and alumni parent Jon Ustun, the boys varsity team grew tremendously over the course of this basketball season. They began with individual skills that developed with time. Ultimately the skills of each player merged cohesively to create a phenomenal team.

Fundamentals such as shooting, passing, and defense were essential for our season, and each Blazer learned how to bring their skills to the forefront and benefit each game. They not only deepened their understanding of basketball, but also learned a number of different defense systems, offensive plays, and created a strong press defense which led to a number of turnovers and points during vital games. A major strength of this Blazer team was the element of quick decision-making and ball movement—skills that developed from the beginning of the season and which, by the final game, were clearly evident in the team’s ability to move the ball and play as a Blazer team. Coach EJ is very proud of this!

Burgundy took third place in a tough season closer vs. ACDS; and the 8th graders have “passed the torch” to the next generation of Blazers. Thank you players and families for a fun, dedicated, and overall great season!

- Coach Emily “EJ” Jonas ’03

JV Boys

The boys JV basketball team concluded a fine and rewarding season with a very close victory against Congressional, a game decided in the final exciting minute. After building a small lead in the first half, Congressional came back to take the lead in the third quarter. The team rallied behind scrappy team defense to pull out a close win and finish their season undefeated. They deserve to be very proud of their team play!

- Coach Jon Ustun ’75

JV Girls

The junior varsity girls basketball team was comprised of primarily 6th graders who were dedicated to learning the game. The team put in a lot of hard work learning the rudimentary skills necessary for team and individual success. They learned basic offensive strategies and executed an active 2-3 zone defense. Each player contributed to the team’s success and played a role in every game by utilizing their strengths on the court. By the end of the season they were calling out plays, running a basic fast-break offense and playing with passion and pride. We hope that everyone will continue playing basketball next season!

Go Blazers!

- Coach Bethany McCoy

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A New Racket at Burgundy

Friday, March 30, 2018

tennisWe are pleased to announce that we will be offering coed tennis as a new sport at Burgundy this spring. All 6th, 7th, and 8th graders will be invited to join the tennis team and learn how to play a great lifetime sport. Bethany McCoy, Burgundy’s athletic director and Middle School P.E. teacher, coached men’s and women’s tennis for five years at the high school level.

Coach Bethany shared, “I am so excited to bring tennis to Burgundy and hope that students will embrace the active lifestyle that tennis promotes and an appreciation for a sport that emphasizes mental grit and toughness.”

Sophia Simpkins, a 6th grader who’s already an avid tennis player, will be joining the team. “I enjoy tennis because it can be a team sport, but you can also play alone. It takes a lot of energy, but you feel very accomplished afterward,” she said. “I've been playing tennis for a majority of my life and have loved it the entire time. I think that it would be a great learning experience for many of the kids at Burgundy, and I think that many people would enjoy playing the sport.”

Tennis is unique in its very specific etiquette and scoring system, including an honor system in which players act as their own referees. We look forward to exploring this new opportunity with our Middle School students! Tennis practice started this week, and the first scheduled match is Tuesday, April 24, 3:45 p.m. against Green Hedges, playing away at Wolf Trails Park in Vienna.

Boys’ lacrosse also returns this spring, with coaches Jeff Sindler and Jamie Dorrier. The opening game is away against Jeff’s former school in Baltimore, St. Ignatius, on Friday, April 13, at 3:45 p.m.

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Burgundy Bulletin: December 15

Friday, December 15, 2017

Holiday on IceBurgundy’s Girls on the Run completed a 5K race, at the end of their fall program. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade girls practiced on our Alexandria campus and had their 5K in Woodbridge on December 2.


Burgundy 6th grader Makayla Ross is also a competitive ice skater. She will be part of a holiday show at the Mount Vernon Recreation Center, 2017 Belle View Blvd., tonight at 7:30 p.m. The event is free and no RSVP is required. Good luck, Makayla!


Want to share extracurricular news and achievements of Burgundy students? Email!

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Fall Sports Report: Varsity Soccer

Friday, November 17, 2017

Varsity Soccer Team Fall 2017

The fall season was filled with excitement, heartache, nail-biting plays and great soccer touches. The Coed Varsity soccer team demonstrated true character in times of adversity and made incredible improvement both technically and tactically on the field. In the varsity season opener, a 6-5 loss against Alexandria Country Day School, they showed they were going to be a competitive and entertaining team to watch.

The Burgundy Soccer Blazers finished 4th place in the ABC league. Many of the team losses were one-goal deciding games and reflective of how hard they fought as a team. On the season, the Blazers scored 23 goals as a team, averaging more than 3 goals a game. The program centered on developing quality touches on the ball, maintaining possession, on-field communication, fundamental tactical concepts, teamwork, and making the most of every play or opportunity on the field.

The season ended with a heartbreaking overtime loss to Capitol Hill Day School in the quarterfinal of the ABC league tournament. The Blazers walked off the field with class and pride after a gritty and grueling battle!

We would like to recognize our 8th graders for their dedication, leadership and grit! The team had eleven 8th graders: Nathan, Priel, Sante, Julia, Dylan, Alex, Travis, Arturo, Nathaniel, Jacob and Max. Thanks for representing Burgundy and making a positive impact on the program. Best of luck!

Special thanks to our soccer families for their continued support and flexibility with the rescheduled games, rain and road trips!

Go Blazers!

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Fall Sports Report: Cross Country

Friday, November 10, 2017
Cross Country
Burgundy's girls on their marks before a run.

Burgundy hosted seven schools and more than 150 runners for the cross country championship meet on November 1. Despite a number of injuries and sickness, Burgundy finished third, behind strong Alexandria Country Day School and Capitol Hill Day School teams. In the girls’ race two runners placed in the top 10: Caelan McCormack finished 2nd and Cassidy Calhoon finished 6th. In the boys’ race two runners placed in the top 10: Graham Haberl finished 2nd and Nathan Carpenter-Holmes finished 9th.

The Burgundy cross country team was comprised of 30 runners, with 22 participating in the championship meet. The effort by all runners was impressive throughout the season. Thanks to all parents and other loyal fans!

Fall Sports Report: Volleyball

Friday, November 10, 2017

Volleyball Team

While it was a short season, the Blazers took it to the court and net with strength and positive teamwork. The ten 8th graders and two 6th graders who comprised the team all grew immensely during this quick season. The Blazers learned about ball movement, the different positions on the court, how to pass, set, bump, serve, and spike.

The team played great in their game with St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School, winning the first match and taking it to a game three. Although they fell by 2 points in the final match, they played hard and learned a great amount. Eighth grader Stella McKitrick served for 8 points, a Blazer record! The season ended with Burgundy alumna, Majlis Walker '15, a sophomore at TC Williams High School, teaching the Blazers a few tips and what to work on for their future in the sport. I am very proud of the Blazers and all they have accomplished this season! Great job!