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A Newborn Filly in the Burgundy Barn!

Friday, April 27, 2018
Filly Video
On Thursday evening, the day-old filly practices running near the pond and science cottage.

Early Wednesday morning, miniature horse Poppy gave birth to a filly. Caretaker Ali Shepard ’04 reported that the delivery was very quick, after she had spent several days on foal watch with help from friends including Austin Fodrie, Burgundy’s technology support and integration specialist. Poppy, also known by her full name Poppyseed and her registered name Baby Be Mine, came to Burgundy last October and turned 19 on Tuesday. She birthed several foals with previous owners and has already demonstrated how her experience as a mother will be beneficial to this new baby: Ali shared that the filly took longer than expected to begin nursing, and Poppy helped by lying down to nurse, which is uncommon for horses.

Poppy and the baby are staying by themselves in a stall in the barn for a few more days, and will be introduced to and integrated with the rest of the Burgundy herd of animals gradually. Most classes have come by in the last two days to meet the baby and learn the rules — primarily, using quiet voices in and around the barn and looking only, not touching, at this point.

Ali will supervise visiting hours for Poppy and her foal Saturday and Sunday, 2-4 p.m. Please note: if the barn doors are closed, the barn is closed to visitors. If you see Ali working with Poppy and the foal outside the barn, please ask from a distance if it is okay to approach.

Ali is getting to know the filly’s personality for a few more days before choosing a name for her, and students are sharing name suggestions.

More foal photos coming soon to Burgundy's Facebook page.