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Mindfulness Session for Parents and Guardians

Friday, March 2, 2018

All parents and guardians are welcome to join us for a mindfulness learning and practice session Tuesday, March 13, 7-8:30 p.m. in the theater/community room of the new Logan Arts & Community Center. This free session is offered by one of the instructors from Minds Incorporated, the organization that has been working with our teachers through the year. Parents and guardians can discover simple, easy-to-practice stress-reduction tools that can be used to handle the difficult emotions that they may face in our fast-paced culture. Mindfulness practices empower adults to feel more calm and balanced with their family and workplace, and allow parents and guardians to bring more empathy and compassion into their home by practicing these skills when interacting with their children.

Topics to be covered in this session include:

  • What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is defined in a way that is practical and easily understood. Parents will learn the two categories of mindfulness practice (“formal practice” and “practical application”), and be introduced to core mindfulness practices and themes in how it applies to the life of a parent.
  • Why practice mindfulness? Parents will learn both the neuroscience of how mindfulness positively affects the brain and body, how adults experience the emotional benefits of mindfulness, and how mindfulness can improve your parent-child dynamic.
  • Experiential practice. Parents will be guided through several core practices of mindfulness for their own use, and will learn several ways to begin practicing mindfulness when navigating the emotions of the family at home. A variety of ways to practice mindfulness will be covered, catering to parent learning styles in order to be as inclusive as possible. Simple techniques are taught to give participants ways to find more calm and ease with difficult emotions such as: stress, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, self-judgment, and fatigue.

Please RSVP to Kathleen Hennessey (kathleenh@burgundyfarm.org) if you plan to attend. Depending on interest, we may be able to provide childcare (no dinner included) for $5. Please contact Laura Motaweh (lauram@burgundyfarm.org) if you’re interested in childcare during this session.