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Coming Soon: 7th Grade's Original Play

Friday, February 2, 2018

7th grade rehearsing

Mark your calendars for Thursday and Friday, February 15 and 16, when Burgundy’s 7th grade class takes the stage for their original play, Through the Eyes of Us! Shows begin at 7 p.m. at Aldersgate Community Church in the Fort Hunt area of Alexandria. Please note: this is a location change from earlier plans. Tickets will be available via a link in next week’s Constant Comment.

Social media, constant questions, ever-changing friendships… the life of a middle schooler! This year’s 7th grade class is presenting an original piece they’ve written about the life of a pre-teen in today’s America. This play will not be performed in the “traditional” structure of many plays, but in a devising structure called “Playmaking.” Playmaking allows actors as well as audiences to process difficult topics such as pre-teen life, gender, current events, bullying, body image, and our culture, as well as childhood stories, friendship, and favorite places from growing up. Through The Eyes of Us is the story of how one social media post changes friendships forever. The audience will meet characters and will see how they process their issues through movement, scene work, monologues, and in fun comedic ways!

Please note: This production is recommended for 4th grade and up. The student-generated content covers topics relevant in young adults' lives today, so may not be appropriate for younger audience members. Some of the issues that arise include body image, social media, and bullying, communicated through dance pieces. While there is not any language unfit for the younger members of our community, please be aware that the 7th grade has written a play geared towards their own lives.