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A Busy Summer with Refreshing Travel

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Jeff in Bali
Jeff shares a vacation photo from Bali

We hope your family is enjoying summer! Now in its week four, Burgundy Summer Day Camp is having a fantastic summer under Director Hugh Squire, and the campers, their families, and the staff are enjoying the campus improvements (and no construction!). The Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies camp also is in full swing under longtime director Vini Schoene ’73 and her staff.

It’s been a busy but productive month since school ended for administrators and staff. For year-round administrators and staff at school, June is a busy month of transition from one school year to the next, closing out one academic and business year in order to open the next, including a long list of tasks. Burgundy admin and staff are busy collecting all tuitions owed and pledges to annual giving and campaigns, paying bills, and sending out report cards and transcripts to high schools. The school’s annual audit is prepared while financial planning — now based on firmer numbers — continues for the following school year, databases are updated, and administrators complete hiring and meet as a team to plan everything from orientation of new faculty, staff, administrators, and families to strategic planning updates that guide our goal-setting as a institution for the following year.

While trying to both catch up and prepare for another school year, our family is trying to make the most of summer, and this is a very unusual year, indeed, because I am taking a substantially longer vacation than normal. First, Tee and I are taking a dream week in Bali (a trip that came about through our support of the Emerging Scholars auction — another story, another time!). After this, which would on its own be the  trip of a lifetime, we are thrilled to have our daughters, Tonasia, 25, and Tatum (Viceroys) meet us in Viet Nam for a family-friendly 10-day tour of that fascinating country, with whom ours has such a poignant relationship, in what should be a phenomenal learning experience for all of us. We all feel incredibly lucky for these experiences, and I hope to return refreshed and ready for the rest of the busy summer at Burgundy!