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Book Swap: Thank You!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This year’s Book Swap was open for browsing and choosing books all day Thursday, April 27. Each class came through the book swap at a time convenient for their schedule. Luisa Reyes of Wright to Read, an Alexandria literacy-focused nonprofit, and Cindy Woodruff, our librarian, in addition to classroom teachers, helped students select a book to take home.

All Burgundy students chose a book. The remaining books were donated to Wright to Read so they could give books for summer reading to all their clients. Research has shown that students who read over the summer avoid the loss of reading skill that too frequently happens when students are away from school and reading during summer break.

Thank you Burgundy families for the wonderfully large collection of books, all in terrific condition, that were available for our students to choose from and that we could donate to Wright to Read!