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Barnyard Rules: Getting To Know Topaz

Friday, May 11, 2018

Families — as adults and children are around the barnyard, please keep these rules and guidelines in mind so all may be safe and sound. Poppy and Topaz are integrating into the herd and will be seen outside in the pasture! Topaz is very social and loves attention, so it is important that we all remember a few rules when visiting her, so that she feels safe and we can start training her well!

  • Pet on Topaz on her front end. She likes to be pet on her neck and shoulders where she can see hands.
  • No nibbling! Although her teeth are just starting to come in, we want to teach her good manners by gently pushing her nose away if she puts her mouth on our clothes or body.
  • No food! Topaz cannot eat solid food yet. Please recall that none of our Burgundy animals should be fed unless previously discussed with Ali. Food donations can be left on the Caretaker's porch or in the donation bucket outside the barn.