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2019 Auction Donations & Sponsorship

2018 Auction banner

Burgundy's Annual Auction is Saturday, March 2.

The auction is our school's primary fundraiser—all proceeds benefit financial aid, which helps one in four Burgundy students. The adults-only evening will include a delicious catered dinner, drinks, mingling with friends, and of course, wonderful auction items! Our Auction Co-Chairs are Jane Hyatt Thorpe and Betsy Erickson.

(You can download the PDF version of this form here.)

Your Information
Business Information
We will share contact information in a business donor directory, part of our auction catalog.
Did someone connected to Burgundy ask you for this donation? If so, please let us know who so we can say thanks!
Donation Details
For example: expiration date, other date restrictions, age requirements, exclusions.
The IRS requires us to keep records of estimated value for all donations; therefore, please enter the value of item or service. If you are not sure of the value, enter a good-faith estimate. Please note that the IRS does not automatically allow donors of services to deduct these items.
We call these "bell ringer" items, presented a second time when there is great interest and high bids on the first offering.
Advertise your business or share a message with the Burgundy community. E-mail camera-ready PDF or JPG of your ad to christenk@burgundyfarm.org by February 11, 2019.
New in 2018, and just for businesses! Be a part of the Burgundy Auction with a sponsorship—support financial aid and showcase your business. Please note that sponsorships may not be entirely tax deductible.
Make a donation to benefit financial aid or to underwrite an auction expense. Your contribution will be recognized in the catalog and/or signage at the event.
We acknowledge gifts in the auction catalog and/or signage at the event. Please let us know the donor name(s) for this gift.
If you would like to underwrite a specific item, please let us know here. Otherwise, your contribution will be used where most needed.
Address for Acknowledgements, Billing, or Invoice
BUSINESS DONORS: We share business addresses in a business donor directory, published in the auction catalog. If the shared address in the directory should be different than the billing address here, please contact christenk@burgundyfarm.org. We do not share individuals' addresses.
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